Thursday, January 7, 2010

Begin funeral music, please.

I thought I was set to have this semester off from classes that I have to take. I need a break for many reasons, all of which are.... Well, most of which are very good reasons. But alas, I have to take one class. And not just any class, a 4 credit class. Now before you start razzing me with your fake boo-hoos may I remind you of some important things. I teach full time, I'm creating my own curriculum as I go, I have a church calling, which I love!, my teaching job is provided by a grant, which means much reporting has to be done, I've got two school wide art shows that will happen this semester, and various other things that are going on. So yeah, one class. I can handle that. I'm just a little nervous about what makes it a 4 credit graduate level class. I will be taking Fall 2010 off, though, So There, Graduate School gods!


Elizabeth said...

Way to go Woman! You can do it! You CAN do it! You CAN DO IT!!!

Marge Bjork said...

Amen to Elizabeth, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

James and Summer said...

good luck! you are amazing in every way - of course you can do it!